It’s been a long time!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. I think I’ll be back posting stuff once I’m clear of deadlines and stuff. I need some emotional release of inner tension through writing. 😀

So far, so good!

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Disclaimer: I am in no way related to the creators of the medicine, or a pharmacy. I do not intend this post to be a marketing strategy or to bring down the competition. “Hiyang” to the medicine is the better term for what I would be posting here.

I’ve been sick with a cold for the past few days and got well just about this morning after taking a colds medicine that has never let me down so far. Here are the events, starting from how I started using it until today.

1st: I was sick and the closest pharmacy I can go to is a pharmacy dedicated to generic medicine. I asked for “Neozep” but they informed me that they only have a generic version of the drug called “Coldzep”. I told myself that it won’t hurt to try a drug’s “equivalent”. I just bought 2 tablets thinking that I would just need a few then buy Neozep the next day. I was just able to take 1 tablet since I was already about to go to sleep that night.
I woke up, not realizing that I do not need the other tablet anymore since I’m already well… (although some say that you should continue your meds for some time still after you get well just to make sure).
note: I usually get well from Neozep within a two-day, three times a day use.

2nd: My mom and niece visited us to clean one of the units of our apartments. My niece was sick of cold with a mild flu and was matamlay for 2 days then and my mom asked if I have “Bioflu” around. My wife checked if we have one available but only found the Coldzep tablet that I was not able to use. She then offered the medicine that by that time, was unknown to my mom.
After my niece took the med, she took an afternoon nap and then woke up full of energy with almost no sign of being sick! My mom asked where I bought Coldzep and bought a pack of 10.

3rd: My mom went to our province to visit our house there. She never leaves the house without a med-kit and that time, she had a runny-nose. A great number of my Tita’s and Tito’s then was also sick of colds. My mom then offered them to take a tablet each (since she won’t be able to provide more than 1 tablet to each). My mom informed me that they were all well the next day.

4th: I got sick again. I was not able to pass by a generic pharmacy everyday, thus I was not able to buy that med early on (and sometimes I forget). I tried everything, but to no avail. A few days has passed and I told myself that I would pass by the store and buy plenty. I got well after just a tablet. (I also usually end up giving the meds away for the firm belief that it’s very effective to me).

5th: Just yesterday, I’ve been sick again for about 5 days before finding the time to get another pack of Coldzep. Took one before going to sleep. Now, although I can still feel that something’s caught in my throat, but I can already breathe without mucus running down my nose nor do I sneeze.

I’m sure that there more than just these events that proved to me that this drug is effective but I could not remember details about them. I’m sure that it made the sick person well. (colds and flu only) These might just be coincidence, might be recovery because of the faith that it’s effective, or because the med is just plain effective, but what ever it is… it is what it is :p
Try buying some if you want to or stick to your old meds that also didn’t let you down. I just want to share this. That just because a med is cheaper than the others mean that it is less effective.

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I want to clap, stomp, and shout Hooray!

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“If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!”

There are just times that I would want to feel so happy that I clap while laughing, like when a close friend of mine tells a very good joke that instead of going on the floor and laughing, I’d clap and laugh so loud at the same time. I’m in the time of my life that those times are something to treasure, an era where the topic of laughter is, well you. I stopped clapping my hands…

“If you’re happy and you know it, stomp your feet!”

I sing at church. I sing my heart out at church that I stomp my feet on the floor, since I don’t know how to dance… but every time I see the other people not giving a damn sing for the Lord, I’d ask myself, why are they here? Do they only go to church because they are wishing for a miracle, not thinking that their songs might just be what the Lord wanted to hear from them? I stopped stomping my feet…

“If you’re happy and you know it, shout hooray!”

I like cheering people up. I’ll cheer “Woohoo! Great Job! You can do it!”. Even though I might not be in the game, I’ll be happy, cheering. I haven’t done that for a long time now. No extra curricular activities like that right now. I’d like to shout hooray… but can’t. I stopped shouting…

I might be writing about something with the word “Happy” but I’m only being brought to tears. I hope someday, I can say that “I know I’m happy…”

Open Source has NO Future?

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A colleague and I attended another event yesterday June 2, at Dusit Hotel in Makati. The venue was great! It’s so big that it can accommodate more than 300 guests, sad to say only about 20 came 😀

The event was hosted by Technopaq but the event itself was to announce their partnership with Sybase. Ben Wong, Sybase’s Channel Sales Manager here in the Philippines, introduced their products, which can be found on the link provided for Sybase. Ben is a very good salesman but…

At the end of the talk, we were given the chance to ask questions. I had the courage to ask (and was enticed to ask because there’s a free umbrella given to those who will ask) about how an open-source company, Technopaq, and Sybase can be partners and/or on what aspects the three could help each other.

“In the business world, companies are starting to only recognize software that have licenses and a solid customer support. Open source will not be recognized, it has no place in the future… I should now, I worked in Sun Micro (but he worked at Microsoft too!)” said Mr. Ben Wong.

I kept my grin but inside my head, I wanted to tell him “You wait and see…”. *grin

Afterwards, the tables were opened for food! They were probably expecting a lot of guests since the food was abundant. There were a total of 4 tables allotted for food, 2 long tables and 2 round ones. The long tables were for the main courses and for Japanese food, the round ones for coffee and tea, and fruits and cakes!

I’d say it was a Food Event more than a Partnership Launch 😀

Isa nanamang Isaw Trip

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Hindi ko makukuwento sa inyo ang blog post na ito sa English dahil mahirap sabihin kung gaano kasarap ng isaw sa UP sa English.

Kung ikaw ay pinoy, malamang alam mo kung ano ang isaw. Nakatikim na ako ng isaw sa iba’t ibang lugar (sa Marikina), ngunit sa UP Diliman pa rin kami dumadayo para lang makakain ng masarap na isaw.

Nagpunta kami muli ng aking asawa at anak sa UP para kumain ng isaw.

the famous isaw ng UP

Tuwing alas kwatro ng hapon nagbubukas ang tindahan nila. 3:45 pa lang eh may pila na! Ganun ka in-demand ang produktong ito sa UP.

Hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin namin alam kung bakit naging “Orange” o “Kahel” ang kulay ng bitukang ito, pero masarap, kaya bakit kailangan pang malaman? hehe

Ang basong nakikita nyo ay kung san nilalagay ang isaw, nakababad sa masarap na suka! yummmm….

Malamang sa susunod na sabado ay babalik nanaman kami. 😀

IBM Roadshow

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I went to the IBM Roadshow yesterday. They are showcasing their products that help SMEs be more productive at smaller cost.
Most IT companies would sell their customers different appliances to accommodate client needs. A separate email server, separate file server, a separate tool for web service, a separate router, etc. IBM has developed, together with their partners such as 8Layer Technologies, an appliance that can do all the things I’ve stated above! The cost is competitive compared to the cost of all the services it can provide combined. It’s called Lotus Foundations Solutions.

Here’s a teaser of an IBM product

A sunny afternoon marked the start of the talks. At about 3pm, 8Layer was given the opportunity share their experiences with Lotus Foundation Start. Introduced by Sir Bart as “8Layer’s most beautiful employee” (thunder started roaring and rain pouring as Sir Bart mouthed the very words… I’m not lying) our very own Miss Deng Silorio.

At the event, we ate lunch and were served snacks in the afternoon (I bet some of the attendees went there for these).

A little comment on the side though, I think that the event lacked something, a little problem in the event coordination probably, but all-in-all I think they were able to relay to the audience their goal to help by providing quality products and services at lower cost.